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The thing with DFG's is they are capped to a certain level dependent on where you are:
* £30,000 in England per application
* £36,000 in Wales per application
If the cost of the eligible works is more, the council can use discretionary powers to increase the amount.
The problem being is that as they are only discretionary in the current climate of belt tightning they will look to avoid any extra being paid.

As Dallas rightly said they can put a charge on the property so that the extra money can be attached to the property as and when its sold meaning there is no outlay now on the cost and the adaptions will increase the size of the property and therefore hopefully increase its value and therefore means doing it this way although they are giving you the money in form of a loan its one which will hopefully repay itself.

So i really think this is an option worth exploring.

I would imagine you have a childrens disability social worker who would be able to guide you through this process?

Maybe Dallas could also give us some detail on how the charging procedure with the house went and how quick it went through? Smile
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Hi, what an awful situation. I really hope you can get this sorted soon. Good luck. X
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