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hi, my son wont sit down, he is not overactive in any way he just cant sit he sits for about 3min then he will stand, he stands to do all his sch work, eat his food, play with toys and watch t.v although he tends to wander off regularly as he cant concentrate. i was told by physio he has tight hamstrings, but due to some research i have found children with tight hamstrings sit down all the time to lessen the tension on them, unlike my son who wnt sit down.
things are getting worse and i have tried getting wobble cushions etc. i dnt want to strap him to a chair as if he in discomfit sat down it seems cruel.

has anyone come across this before or knw where i should turn to. ot say he is perfectly fine and have wanted to sign him off but i have been fighting with them as i dnt think he is ok.

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Hi has your son any sensory issues ? My son is 3 years old and not walking but he never sits still .He cant concentrate either , he is double jointed as well so he would feel pain and should sit more but because he has sensory issues he doesnt feel pain like us so he seeks out the feeling of the pain he gets from moving about all the time x
Single mum to a 14year old daughter and a son who is 3years old who has severe learning disability , hypotonia , hypermobility , visual impaired and sensory issues , he has showed me the meaning of life Heart and 3rd baby due 2nd of January 2012
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hi thank you for your reply, yes my son is believed to have aspergers this is not official yet.
just recently proffessionals i have talked to have started to say he has sensory issues.

can i ask do you have any advice as to what i should do?

As my son is growing up his problems are becoming more complex and unfortunetly alot of the proffessionals he has seen in the past have signed him off as he didnt have such obvious needs then.

thank you so much and hope you and the family are well. x
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Its funny you say aspergers, I was just going to say, camhs gave me 'aspergers in pink' to read as they think my daughter has it, the girl in that found it difficult to sit she was always partially standing, the OT recommended a rubber ring, she found it helped straight away so the took it everywhere with them, I think it was a sensory issue xx
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Hi, Totally different view on things. My son has slighly hyperflexable joints and he finds sitting a problem. Prefers his knees to be straight as being bent causes pain and leads to night cramps if he sits too long.
If your son walks on his tip-toes alot it may be worth looking into, this is also what my son does. Also causes night cramps!

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