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don't blame you for being annoyed with your son's school, would of been nice for them to ask you first
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ive spoken to his class teacher i didnt start shouting as there is no point wots done is done. She said that she didnt single my son out that she made a generalisation (sorry cant spell) of autism and said that the class asked my son questions about why he reacts the way that he does to situations and why he gets angry and upset and she said that my son was happy 2 answer the questions and that it helped the rest of the class understand him more and that they have seemed more relaxed around my son and they seem happy 2 interact with him now.
im still angry that she did what she did but i cant change it now, im doing lots of research on autism so me and his dad can answer his questions i just wish that my sons life was so much easier and i wish people would see beyond the autism because beyond the autism is an amazing,careing,loving very intelligant 7yr old boy who just wants 2 b happy.
I swear the next person who says ''oh he doesnt look autistic'' i will start shouting because what is an autistic person supposed to look like! it makes me so mad i cant begin to explain how mad it makes me at the end of the day they are human just like the rest of us why cant people see that

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