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My grandaughter will be 4 this october and since her arrival has not slept for an entire night infact 20 mins sleep will see her through the next 72 hours,she has schizencephaly diabetis insipidus spina bifida gdd cortizol deficiency epilepsy she is totaly blind non weight bearing has very little muscle tone and can do nothing for herself

My huband and i both work this includes 2 weekends in the month we gladly take our grandaughter for 1 weekend every month and babysit at her home inbetween, run errands and hospital appointments

My gripe is that although social services agree that respite care is high priority they say none is available in our area for the under 5's and according to them are trying through moray options to find a family willing to take my grandchild for a few nights per week though

3 years on my daughter a single parent coping on her own is still waiting to meet a family.
My husband and i at the present take our annual leave and split it with my daughter allowing her 3 full weeks respite per year
Given 1 week at a time allows her to recharge her batteries or let her hair down
Should i shock social services and claim through direct payments for each full week it might actually motivate them into finding a solution quicker I feel guilty even thinking about it but feel she's being totally fobbed off and am becomming so frustrated watching my daughter struggle to be the great mum that she is and angry with the whole system because with our willing topup of respite my daughters life could be so much easier
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hi, i know how frustrating this is to see your daughter struggle to bring up your grandaughter with no help and yes she does need a break and so do you. social services will not help if you seem to be coping, you need to get them to do an assessment this will determine what services are available to your daughters family and if they feel they can help. when it is established what services are available and would benefit your daughters family it will then be decided how best to deliver these services and what department will be paying, if it is a social need or a health need or both then a package of care would be divided. direct payments have to be agreed as a method of implementing care they are supposed to give the user more control over employing someone, when they work and the hours they do. however there is paperwork involved, wage slips, public liability insurance and holiday pay. your daughter if she qualified could get direct payments and employ you. does someone get carers allowance for your grandaughter? i would get an assessment done as soon as possible and start the ball rolling theses things take a while to put into place it took us nearly 12 months after initially being refused any help at all we now have 36 hours overnight care 5 hrs weekend care direct payments and respite keep fighting good luck x
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Have you thought of using CHAS they provide respite care and you can self refer.
Has your daughter been to her local carer's centre to see what help they can offer her?
Social Services are a nightmare they started assessing my daughter for help last August and haven't even got that finished yet therefore still no services.
Hope your daughter gets help soon.
Linda x
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it is worth a try you never know
it is worth a try you never know
it is worth a try you never know

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