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Hi - just wanted to share with you all really. I went to my first East Riding Voices in Partnership (ERVIP) event today held at the racecourse in Beverley. I didn't know what to expect but was really impressed by it all.

ERVIP is a parent led group representing parents views on services and provision of children with additional needs, with the aim of shaping and improving what is available.

The event was brilliantly organised (with lunch provided!). Unfortunately, I missed the morning session as I didn't have childcare for Jack but went at 1pm after taking him to nursery. Got to speak with representative from FISH, Parent Partnership, borrowed a book from the resource library, found out about free swimming sessions to go to as a family, got info from lady from Family Fund, found out about the new Autism Day Centre which is due to open in Hessle in September (for children 16+), won a prize in the free raffle (family ticket to The Deep in Hull - have been before but it's not cheap!), met lady who has her own company called Puppets Plays and Story Days and her fantastic puppets - really want one of my own 'Living Puppets' - though I'll have to pass it off as 'for Jack' - which it will be, of course! Could have had a manicure and neck and shoulder massage but was too busy talking to people!!

I just thought it was such a lovely event to go to and a break from the norm. Met some lovely parents and it's fab to be able to chat about our wonderful children and swap tips and stories - bit like a face to face forum I know off!! I hope there are similar events around the country cos I highly recommend attending. I'm definitely going to go to the next one too - and maybe I'll get that manicure my nails are so desperate for. x

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