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In April my daughter started mainstream school (in Wales) although she has been in the attached nursery since the previous April. This has been extremely successful so far. However on the last day of term I was informed that she would not be able to return immediately after half term as there was no hoist (she is in a wheelchair) and the staff haven't been trained. Her LSA went on a course on the first 2 days of term and the changing room was being sorted that week so we could return today. This morning I got a phone call from her LSA to say that she wasn't happy with the situation as apparently they(don't know who?) had thought that it would be OK to transport my daughter naked from the waist down in the hoist through a classroom to get to the nursery toilets. This is obviously NOT acceptable, so she is still not able to go into school (2nd week).
My question is - who is responsible for assessing the changing area and advising the school regarding the adaptations. The NHS O.T. and physio and LEA all seem to be too busy blaming the school's headteacher. This has created a considerable amount of stress, as the headteacher was led to believe that it was me that was blaming her. Nobody will tell me who is actually responsible for financing and deciding which adaptations to put in and where. Surely this can't be totally up to the school as they have no previous experience of children with disabilities and the necessary adaptations. Who is it that could provide a commode type thing?
Help, this is very frustrating as I am the last to hear about everything and My daughter is yet again stuck at home.
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Not sure if its the same in Wales but in England its your OT who is part of disablement services. The OT should be sorting out any equiptment or liasing with other members of disablement services to get it in place.
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what a disaster! my daughter has occupational therepy, at school to assess her needs. they are very over stretched and there is a 6 month wait for assessment where we are. i think it is them who are responsable though. my daughter has recently had an adapted toilet fitted in the existing junior school toilet block. she had to travel to the infants block for a school year!!! it makes you re-think mainstream schools doesnt it. i hope this situation is sorted for you soon. x

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