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Hi there,
Are a little concerned about our sons continual and compulsive chewing of his hands.
He has always done this to some degree but has gotten worse over the past few months. He's will even drop toys he loves just to put his hand into his mouth and will not allow us to stop him. His fingers have become really sore and red, cracked and bleeding even splitting at times. Weve tried distractions, nail biting/chewing varnish, everything . We don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any experience of something similar or have any ideas? It may be a trait of his condition but as he is diagnosed we just don't know. Thanks.
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Hi, we too have a similar problem Alex will put his fingers that far into his mouth they are down the back of his throat inducing sickness and gagging. when we pull his arm away he returns it straight away and continues even though it looks uncomfortable. he also puts his fingers right up his nose causing nose bleeds. i have been told that it is a sensation thing? we have tried gloves they get sopping wet, we needed lots of pairs we even tried putting socks on his hands but he could pull these off, just recently we have found some mittens that are waterproof and fleece inside with an elastic strap around the wrist to secure them. they have been a god send although we do get some funny looks when the sun is shining. we got them from seein special needs clothing £10 pair but for us the only solution we have just ordered a second pair.
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hi my son is 3 and has done this as long as i can remember. iam sure its a sensory thing for him but he bites his thumb so hard it bleeds and he takes the skin of it. its always cracked and sore and he has damaged the nail hes now started it with his fingers too. alfie has an abnormaly high pain treshold so hes more likely to cause damage without realising. we has tried all sorts of thing but nothing helps he also sucks the thumb he chews for comfort and to go to sleep so we cant use gloves as he gets too distressed i know how frustrating it is so i really hope you find something that works!!
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hi, its so distressing to watch your child self-harm. my son head-bangs and lip chews (not his fingers!) is your son autistic? my lad was diagnosed a while ago now.he tends to be worse when he is tired, hungry or over stimulated. we were advised to cut out some of the sensory stimulaton he recieves. we have ear defenders (to cut noise) green tinted glasses, a shade over his wheelchair. i have to say - its difficult to get him to keep the glasses etc on - but when he does it seems to significantly reduce the chewing and tantrums. we also keep the t.v off more and limit computer time. days when he attends school or has to go somewhere he is not familiar with are worse. have you tried keeping a diary?

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