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Hello everyone

Thank you so much for your replies has made me feel a lot more happier about taking her already.
She will be 3 by the time we go and at the moment she is in a pushchair, we got to go back to wheelchair service in feb so will know whether she needs a chair by time we go. She isn't currently on any medication except inhalers for asthma. Bit concerned about her eating as she only eats baby food so will have to pack them in the suitcase.
It sounds as if you all have had good experiences taking your children abroad so I'm hoping I have the same.
We are going with friends so should have plenty of people to help me with jamiee.
I didn't even think of a special plane seat. Thank you. When we book it will have to speak to airport + travel agents and make sure its all wheel chair friendly and meets jamiees needs.
Once again thank you! :-)
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I think it shouldn't matter if she can walk or not. You can use E111 form from post office that covers you for NHS services abroad. If you want more in depth insurance there a few aimed at sick children that can help. My son is to sick to take away this year but hoping next year to take xx
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