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I am looking into taking my daughter jamiee abroad to cyprus next year for a friend wedding blessing but I am unsure whether its going to be too much for jamiee. She has gdd amongst other problems. She can sit up + can roll over + wriggle backwards and has physio regularly. Family members have said it would be too much if she can't walk + that I shouldn't take her. I am being positive and thinking its a year away and jamiee has achieved so much already. Has anyone taking their children away whilst they wasn't able to walk etc how did u find it? Also does anyone know if I would need extra insurances because of jamiees needs?
Thanlk you all in advance

Holly :-)

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Hi there should be no reason why you cant take her with you . What age is she ? My son is 3 years old and still cant walk and i was going to take him away this summer but had to change my plans but it didnt worry me about taking him away . Is your child in a pram or chair ? Would be just like taking any child that cant walk away on holiday . Would you be going on your own ? Does your daughter have any medical needs that she could end up in hospital if you were away ? Seems i'm asking you loads of questions more lol

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hi there my son is 6 and has cerabal palsy, he cant walk or sit up so is in a wheelchair. we have been abroad a few times , its definatly not as hard as you think it will be , the hardest thing we came accross was the amount of luggage we had to take and managing to carry it all. you will need specialist travel insurance which does cost quite a bit more, i just tend to make sure that the hotels or apartments are spacious and wheelchair friendly. i hope this helps you and makes you a bit more positive about going :-)
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My daughter 11yrs old has Aicardi syndrome and cannot walk or sit unaided but we have taken her everywhere with us ,florida,portugal,canaries.

Advice would be to phone airline because they put a special needs seat on her plane seat so she could sit properly and be safe.

We were treated very well at the airport ,we were first on and off the plane and someone was waiting outside the door with her chair all ready for her.

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I'm a wreck at the thought of taking my brood abroad (my son is the only one with special needs, he has GDD, epilepsy, wheelchair user etc) although I have done it - when he was two we travelled to disneyland paris.
Apparently airlines are great if you book in advance, mentioning the special needs so hopefully that will be sorted. Make sure you take out medical insurance mentioning any issues, can be pricey so shop around.
Look up hotels on the net to make sure they are accessible. Check with the friend about accessibility to the wedding venue.
And enjoy!
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