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hi as you all know william is on high rate care and low rate mobility, i claim carersallowance for him, well i have had a on going neck/ back problem since substaining a green stick fracture to my neck many years ago when i was involved in a rta, i am now on 30/ 500 cocodamol and 500 naproxen daily both to max dosage i also gave up my driving job last year due to limited mobilty moving my head to the left. it has been suggested that i may be entitled to dla but wondered if this was the case due to me being williams carer? thanks donna x
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Yes you can be on DLA and still get Carer's Allowance. All 3 of my boys get DLA at different rates and I get CA for one of them. I also get DLA myself at higher rates for both mobility and care. No questions were ever asked about my ability to care for him, it's simply a case of being legally entitled to it though it wouldn't surprise me if this changed in the future with all the cutbacks.

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