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hi i was wondering if anyone might know if a carer can claim dla for themselves? my son has been awarded high rate care and low rate mobility and i claim carers allowance for him, well i had a car crash years ago and substained a green stick fracture to my neck, and the older i have got the pain in this area has increased to the extent im now on 30/500 cocodamol and naproxen daily to their max dosage, it has been suggested that i apply for dla but i am worried that as i am williams carer this may not be advisable? i had to give up my driving job as i have limited movement turning my head to the left, thanks donna
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Yes a carer can also claim DLA in there own right. If your son meets the criteria and he also provides you a level of care he can also claim CA.
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I claim DLA in my own right and but I was told by DWP that I could not claim for Carers Allowance for my son or daughter who also get DLA. I do not work though and claim Incapacity Benefit so maybe that is why.

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Yes this can be done Smile
The carer may need assistance with one medical aspect but be able to provide other sorts of care that is not pyshically demanding.
For example a carer in a wheelchair may need assistance with bathing or cooking but be able to adminster medications to there children etc.
Therefore providing care.
Obviously though this is dependent on the usual rules of carers allowances and the amount of care provided and incomes etc.
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