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hi everyone we have just got our new tax credit award notice for this coming year and they are not paying us a single penny because of an overpayment from 2009-2010 of £1000 because i started work half way through the tax year. can they do this take 100% of our tax credits and leave us with nothing even though we told them our son gets dla they said that dont make a difference its an overpayment and they are taking it back now 2 years on can they do this?

i work part time so im lucky if my wages are above £200 my partner works all the hours he can but his wages pay all the bills hes lucky if hes left with £100 at the end of each month im trying not to get stressed as im pregnant with our 3rd baby but im finding it hard not to. i dont want to use our sons dla to get by that is his money for things that he needs not to pay for our living essentials i just dont understand why they can leave us with no payments and hy they are taking the money back 2 years on any advice would be great x

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