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Hi just doing some budgeting at the moment and wondering if you have 2 children on HRC do you get two lots of the severely disabled tax credit top up or just the one??? Our son is coming out of nicu this week he is tube fed and O2 dependant so im just assuming hrc will be given once he hits 3mths (hes just coming up for 8weeks old atm). We're trying to work out if my partner can afford to return to work part time as we already have a 3yr old with cp and feeding tube etc.
Many thanks
Carrie xxx
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Yes you do get it 2 lots of it. I've got 3 boys on different rates of DLA and they calculate each child's Tax Credits entitlement individually then add it all together.

Jayne x
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Hi Carrie,
The only thing I would think about is that he may not get the higher rate for care, Sammy gets middle rate, and it simply that he has few night time needs. His needs are not classed as over an above any other child of his age, although they are different. Eg adapted bed and evening routenes.
So I suppose my advice would be that on your DLA form make sure you highlight what you have to do at night over and above that of an average 3 mth old, as 3 mth olds require night time care / feeds etc.
But you are awarded extra child tax credit for the middle rate. I don't know if its the same, but it does make a difference.
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Having two children with needs is very draining, make sure you take care of yourselves x

You would get two.
It says the following on my tax credits award:
2 disability elements
2 severe disability elements

Prices are here
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How's he getting on hun? Obviously he's needing lots of care, but do they expect him to improve or is this a long term thing. Hope your feeling well yourself and like slharris said, make sure u take care of urselves to hun!! Xx

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