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hello everyone, my son was awarded high rate dla and low rate mobility last month they backdated it t 1st april which is when they recieved the claim, however when i posted the claim the support worker who helped my complete the form sent a covering letter explaining it was because i was unable to complete the form and her busy scedule that she had given me her first available appointment,the dla forms were pre dated for the 28th january and the support worker was quite confident our award would be from that date,as it was from 1st april i rang them and they said i can ask for it to be re looked at by another decision maker but i must be aware that it could change the whole award and not just the 8 weeks backdated dla, what do you guys think i should do??? thanks in advance x
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I would just write a letter of explanation with perhaps a cover letter from the support worker and ask for them to backdate it to original date it's highly unlikely they will change the award now.
Good luck.
Linda x
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The direct gov website says it will be backdated to the stamped date as long as it was within 6 weeks, so an 8 week back payment seems generous in terms of their rules. However....
It also says you can appeal, but you need to do it within a month.

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