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hi i have a 3 year old son who also has complex problems and health needs. we are all so awaiting formal diagnosis although genetic results have showed an abnormality. Alfie started at nursery in a special needs school in january and it's the best thing we ever did. he has come on so much in just the few months he has attended and will go for 5 mornings in september. we had no problems with him being statemented without a diagnosis. Our decision was easy, i knew he would benefit much more from being in a setting that was geared up for his needs however every child is different and i think what you need to think about is how much will your child get from being in a mainstream school and can they cope with your childs demands. ive worked in education in my old job and if you get the right mainstream school they can be fantastic as long as you get the support you need and while it's important to listen to the professionals involved with your child ultimately you know your child best and do remember nothing is set in stone if you try a mainstream school and it isn't working you can always change, the school will be keep regular meetings with you and they will say if they don't think it's working x x
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(05-27-2011, 12:31 PM)Emma Farn Wrote: hi everyone my name is emma ive got a special needs little girl molly she has many complex needs from being born etremely premature and was a tiny birth weight from this she now has visual problems,heart issues,chronic lung disease,global developmental delay,seizures, and possibly austism she also has a feeding tube in her tummy and is about the mental age of. molly is 4 this year but very small for her age she fits lots of criteria for autism but really struggling to get a diagnosis would this hinder a statement for her? theres lots of talks as to whether molly would cope at mainstream school as apparently this would help her more than a special school im torn i only want to do what is right for molly any ideas anyone? thanks for your help

Hi Emma its your decision but i would choose a special school.My daughter is severely disabled and she loves school.

She has so much more access to hydrotherapy ,physio ,out and about she goes to town on mondays with her little class has biscuits and milkshakes and lots of trips ,she especiallly like the eden project.

She has contant 1-1 help and nurse to administer her rescue medication .

Mainstreem school is a no no for me, i know she would not receive the help and experience she needs.

Maybe you should have alook around some special schools thats what we did .

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hi, i also found it difficult to make the decision to send my son to special needs school, i felt i would be failing him if i had just put him in special school without trying mainstream first. i sent him to a local highly recommended mainstream nursery they were very happy to have him he had a 1-1. portage went into the nursery and set tasks for him to do, physio and speech also visited him there. but it soon became clear that he needed even more support more specialist with staff specifically trained in special needs. we made the decision to move him to our local special needs school were he has now got the expertise needed to bring his development on and he has come on amazingly they also have the knowledge of equipment seating, standing frames and walkers. there are nurses on site and hydrotherapy, physio and othere appointments are dealt with in house. i feel its a process of acceptance that i had to go through coming to terms with the reality that i have a disabled child.
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im in the same boat as you hun.my son has speech and language difficulties and he has just recived a statement after fighting for it for years. he is now going into high school soon and the junior school wants to knw where we want to send him. i dont think he would "survive" in a mainstream school as he was always bullied for his difficulties and he has a lower and slower intake of understanding things around him and needs everything broken down into chunks(or use very basic language) for him to understand.. we're so stuck, but having seen the needs for your daughter and if i was in your situation i would probably send to special school, where resources are so much better and accesable. BUT this is for YOU TO DECIDE, not me. i cant make your decisions, i can only advice hun <3
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My son has complex physical and medical needs, he does dual placement with our local mainstream school and a special school. He goes to mainstream monday, tuesday and the rest of the week he goes a specal needs school. He gets one to one at mainstream but not at special school, he gets all his therapies at special school and they trained his one to one wth all his medical and feeding needs.

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