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I will be crossing my fingers for you, good luck.
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(05-28-2011, 06:30 AM)Ilovecake Wrote: I will be crossing my fingers for you, good luck.

thank you
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Glad everything went well. Matt had his gastrostomy last year and we started tube feeding in dec. found it bit hard at first but now it's just another part of his routine xx
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hi. my son has been gastro fed since he was 3 months old we didnt really have an option because he wasnt putting on weight and had reflux this was causing re occuring chest infections. he is now four years old and is fed 5 times a day. you will get used to it and soon be become quite an expert like myself ha ha not blowing my own trumpet but feel i could do it in my sleep. its amazing how we like our children adapt and things become second nature.
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