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Afternoon All,
Bein a while since i have been on here as things have been hectic im needing some help and advice on 2 things if anyone can.
My eldest Harry is diganoised as adha and on concerta xl which when kicks in does clam him down before that or if he refuses medication is a living nightmare refuses to do anything i say inapporoprite talk gestures etc basically out of control, he sees a phsycotherapist once a wekk and school social care and other agencys feel the need to escalate harry's medical needs to the dowy unit in alder hey , my question is has anyone has any experince of this unit?

and Alife my middle son has had results back of his chromosone screenng and has extra on his 13th one but i have bein given no more info on this just that me and his dad need testing now, again anyone have any experince of this,

Thanks you rather confused with ot all at the minute :*(

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