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Ours took 2 yrs from application to finished extension ,she was six by that time.

All i can say is hang in there it will be worth it in the end.
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hi, we to are going through the dfg process and have been to panel and refused twice based on cost 42k the ceiling is 30k but there is a discretionary fund they can access. we have not been given the opportunity to top the grant up not that we are loaded but could look into charities. having moved out of private mortgaged property into council 2yrs ago we are now expected to move again via the council who havnt got the housing stock available to re house us in something more suitable. nowhere in the dfg information i have read leaflets or online goverment websites does it indicate the there would be a problem accessing a dfg however my experience has been the opposite. if you feel you have been treated less than fairly i suggest that you complain make an official complaint an investigating officer will be allocated your case and the council will have 20 days to look at your case. having just done this my complaint has been accepted and is to go back to panel asap with a list of reccomendations like the consideration of other members of the family, the cost effectivness of re housing, health implications, continuous care etc the list goes on. oh and download a really useful bit of info called delivering adaptation a good practice guide this is thier own guide they are supposed to follow! hang in there good luck
I never thought it would happen to me.
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Do you have a support worker that might be able to write you a letter on your behalf.
I have been waiting for 5 months for a DFG grant, we want a downstairs toliet put in. Ours wouldn't need to bulid an extension as they would use our garage.
Really hope that you get somewhere soon

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