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I suppose it depends on the LEA issuing the statement.
My sons statement is very detailed & breaks his support down into very specific areas:

1) SaLT daily intervention to work on PECS & makaton skills building in addition to daily 1 hour sessions of ASSC listening & communication programme, to be reviewed termly.

2) Visually impaired teacher to visit weekly for specialist intervention oto liaise with consultation for regular updates.

3) Physio to monitor mobilty termly

4) OT to monitor physical abilities termly & to provide any nessesary support, tools or intervention.

5) 1-2-1 support to continue while on school premises, inc playtimes & lunchtime also to include any additional after school activities.

6) Regular monthly meetings to take place to review IEP, to be attended by all professionals or a written report to be provided.

Since we moved LEA we are battling as they have reviewed his statement & changed it from mild LD to SLD, we don't want this as it would mean the next primary school would have to be special ed
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