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Dear Friends,

I wonder if you can offer me some guidance?

My daughter was awarded DLA last year with the payment being made to my wife in September 2010 [backdated to May]

A matter of days after receiving almost £2000 my wife left me leaving me with our daughter.

I eventually managed to get the child tax credits and child benefit transferred to me [supported by a letter signed by my wife confirming that i had sole custody of our daughter] and I eventually received payment in December backdated to November.

According to my wife the lat DLA payment she received was in November.

Now I intended to sort out the DLA in the New Year but unfortunately my daughters condition worsened to the point that all my time and energy was spent on her and her problems.

Towards the end of March this year my wife received a call from the DLA people to ask if the claim was continuing and she told them that it should be paid to me. I received a text from the wife asking me to ring DLA which i did. They simply denied the telephone call but I requested that they log my call.

In my presence, my wife rang them again about a week later and demanded to know why our daughter was not getting the benefit she was entitled to. They requested the child benefit number and confirmation of the date i started receiving it. They said they would write to me.

About a week later i received a bank details form with my name, my daughters name and reference pre-printed on it. I completed it and returned it the same day by first class post and due to the fact that i posted it in the same postal district as the return address it should have been delivered the next day.

That was almost 3 weeks ago - no contact or anything since.

My simple question is how long should i wait and will my daughter be entitled to her back payments going back to November?

The sad thing about all this is that my daughters condition as worsened 200% since the claim was originally submitted.

Any helpful thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you
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Sorry to hear all this , i'm not sure what way it would all work out , you'd be best going to citizens advice and they would look into it for you . I really hope someone is able to help you and you get it sorted out xx
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Do you have a support/social worker that could possibly phone up for you

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