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thankyou meagain its so stressful not knowing whats wrong with my son! but im going to talk to my key worker tomoz when she comes to see jack see if she can help me get the ball rolling we could realli do with a bigger steady pushchair as hes getting to big and heavy for all the ones we have brought him he will not and carnt walk far so would really help does it take long to hear back and how do i go about trying to claim it thankyou again everyones been a great help.
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i would say put in a claim, we get DLA for Ben as he has ASD and development delay, so was last week that sammy has a few learning problems and could put in a claim for him. I think that we will only get the low rate for him as he doesn't need watching 24/7 like Ben.
also if you do get DLA they will backdate it from when you asked for teh form

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I don't think your going to find anyone on this site who advises you not to claim DLA. Its is available for anyone who has to do more to support their child than another parent. It sounds to me like you do have to do that.
Looking around, we in the UK, have one of the best support systems for disabiled people. Don't get me wrong it is flawed and there are problems, but the support is there so take it. Claiming it will also open more doors to other support. Especially when you don't have a diagnosis, life is more difficult when you have a child with additional needs, and this is our governments way of supporting us.

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