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Hi. My names Fiona. Im in need of some advise please. My youngest girl is 12, she has moderate hearing loss she wears aids and that doesnt bother her at all. She is going through a really rough time just now and i dont know what to do. She has learning difficulties and her school says she has a learning age of eight. nobody has been able to give me a name for what she has so i was told she has SWAN. {syndrome without a name}.She is starting puberty and her mood swings are really bad. She totally ignores everyone but me. Even her school has noticed that she is doing the same to one of her teachers. is there any help available for me or her. She is also going up to secondary school this year and im really scared for her.
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Hi awk i feel for you , i've a 15 year old daughter who has no problems and i know what her mood swings are like and i'm sure your even more worried with your daughters issues . Have you thought of putting her on the teenage vitamin supplements , this might help easy her moods a bit and might help ease out her hormones . All girls go through this and i've no answers that will help . My daughter likes her music and looks herself in her room , keeps her out of my hair lol , maybe writing might help your daughter , even getting her a book on what is happen with her body and ease her mind that what she is going through is normal . Hope things ease for you soon xxx
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