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HI Just gone through process of filling in and submitting CAF forms and its going to Tac (not sure if this is how you spell it?) What is Tac exactly? Advice very welcome thanks Kim
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TAC stands for Team Around the Child. Some authorities have a TAC team which is basically a multi-agency team of professionals who will work with you and your child. So if your CAF has been referred to them, they will organise who does what depending on your needs.

Jayne xx
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TAC is nothing to worry about, its a natural process of the CAF, it stands for team around child, Which means all the proffesionals that work along side you and the child will get together and discuss what more can be done etc. this can include Physios, sure start, school, Health visitor, GP's and will be a good idea to bring up new idea etc, Dont worry to much
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We had one of them with Ben and one of the people involved would be our main contact if we had any problems

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