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Just wanted to appolgise for not being around as much as i would have liked.
Things have been very busy in many ways:
1)Euans appointments
2)My appointments
3)Cahms appointments
4)We are getting married in just over 2 weeks so loads of last minute things to finish off and meetings with suppliers etc.

5) Oh and we were involved in a crash with a 44 tonne lorry(Weight of 44 elephants)
The two boys me and lucy were in the car but luckily the car is built like a tank so we were all ok,bit shaken but ok ourselves.
The fact he drove into us 3 times and pretty sure he did it on purpose as we pulled off the slip road made it a little worse.

Here is some of the damage

Ive tried to get on yesterday and this morning as much as possible Smile
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That's awful, is anything going to be done about the driver? he shouldn't be on the road if he does that to other cars on purpose! Glad you're all ok,

Jayne xx
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Hi oh glad you's are all ok . You's will be really busy over the next few weeks , hope everything goes well for you's all now and its an easy time up to the wedding :-D xx
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Hi Daniel and Lucy, I'm sorry to hear of your car crash that must have been very scary for you all, I'm glad that your all ok. Were the police involved? Is there something being done about the driver?
I can imagine that you are very very busy with a wedding coming up, I hope it all goes well and try and have some time for yourself afterwards...you guys deserve it.
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I'm so glad your ok after that and hope that the driver gets disqualified for dangerous driving.

Good luck with your wedding and hope that some pictures will be posted after, lol.
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