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A the moment I don't officially work, I am a mommy and carer full time. I got my carers allowance forms through to see the threshold for earnings had increased, which got my mind to wondering.
I would love to exercise my brain of an evening and do something other than small people or medical appointments. Don't get me wrong I love my life and my children and I am learning so much, this time while they are small is precious but if I can make it work then that'd be great.
What do other people do? Do you work? Has anyone found a great evening job that works really well?
I am not a sales person, I was once a teacher, but won't ever go back.
Any thoughts anyone?
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Hi Maria , good for u wanting a little more than from life. I to have spent most of my time with small people and never ending hospital appointments, perhaps i could suggest bar work, its a great way to earn a bit of extra cash while chatting to lots of people and making new friends , i did and am now a licence holder of a pub lol. hope this may help good luck in your search for
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I don't 'work' as such, but I do a fair bit of voluntary work! I was itching to get out of the house a few years ago and did a free community course a friend recommended to me. Since then, I've gone on to helping set up a community group in the area and we've organised all sorts of events such as local fun days, fundraising events, Easter and Christmas fayres, a childrens drama club and a parent and toddler dance class. We've been up for several awards and have attended some fairly swanky events!
I've also trained to teach the course I attended and have been a voluntary tutor on a few of those. I've been offered paid work doing this but I don't feel ready to yet - I still have my youngest part time in nursery although she starts full time school in September, and Matthew still gets sent home from school regularly due to his reflux episodes. Although I am committed to the volunteering I do, its a great bunch of people I work with and they are all fully supportive of the fact that my Children have to come first!
Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
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Just out of curiosity you refer to teaching and you wont ever go back.
Im not sure what type of teaching but maybe theres the option to become self employed offering private tution?
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I have thought about the tutoring option, but part of what I wanted to get away from is pushy parents. I was a primary age range, specialism early years, so I'm not sure I agree with extra tutoring at that age, could I train older, maybe. But having done the play therapy thing with my son, that interests me. But also something completely different like the bar work thing!! Needs more thought, but the ideas have really got me thinking, thank you everyone!

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