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have you got an OT? they might be able to help regarding the dropped kerb, we are in a council house and it took a couple of phone calls to the disability team of the council but we got the kerb dropped but no driveway but it meant we could park outside the house. i cant see how your neighbour can report you for using their dropped kerb as they might have paid for it to be done it doesnt actually belong to them it is still a public highway, we have to park my car on the shared drive by driving over the full kerb as the dropped part is in middle of grass hehe so it doesnt do the tires any good but getting a quote for a drive tonight so hopefully he is going to be cheap (loads of builders without work at mo which is good news for me Big Grin)
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(05-18-2011, 01:19 PM)charlieyates Wrote: Hiya. I haven't been on here in a long time but i have afew things i could do with some help with.
I am just filling out my family fund form, My son (6) has Kabuki syndrome and we get DLA Higher care/lower mobility. Still haven't chosen what we would like yet. Driving lessons would help but we couldnt afford the second car, A holiday would be fantastic but my washer has about had it and really should be our priority while trying to toilet train. He could also do with a bed, he's in a bottom bunk with bed guard and getting to change him or settle him in the night is getting hard now he's bigger and he constantly wakes his brother. Anyway after waffling, who can i use on his family fund form?, i was going to ask his teacher but they have had a supply for months now. Would his 1-1 be able to do it?

We have had planning prmission in for a dropkerb for a while now but really cant afford to do it yet, is there any help we could get for this?

I'm sure there was something else but i cant remember at the moment. Thankyou for any help.

Hi Charlie,

You actually don't have to have anyone support your application if you're struggling to find someone - you can just send it in by yourself.

Best wishes,
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i have the same issue. aadams toys keep getting stolen from our garden and so could really do with a shed to keep it all safe, but he has alot of toys to help him with his co-ordination skills. but saying this, aadam really needs to join some sort of club of private activity to help him make friends and stay fit. the Children around here cant cope with playing with him due to his poor co-ordination skills and he's often left alone and no friends, which results him in cooping himself indoors and turning to food for comfort when his teased for not being able to catch/throw and kick. his turning chunky now, and weve been told by gp and consultants that he is on the border line and close to ending up obese which we dont want! so dont know what do? theyre both priority in a way its so hard to decide.
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There are a whole list of charities out there to help. This is posted somewhere else, but I struggled to find it so I thought I would post again. Hope it helps Smile


The first charity ACT do building mosdifications so they may do drop curbs.

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