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hi i am the parent of a 9 year old boy who suffered brain damage at birth and now has severe cp we have been told that his left hip needs surgery and he will be in a spica for 6-8 weeks, has anyone else gone through this and would like to offer advice we are scared to death about it all
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what is that the operation is for? not been through it but we foresee our son needing hip/leg surgery at some point in the future, his one leg is rotated outwards and he also has one longer than the other, his condition can cause problems with the growth plates and also he had rickets as a baby which has had an affect on his bones development. at present he wears piedro boots with a raise on the shorter legs shoe. They have said if they are going to operate it would be about 8/9 as it will of given it time to see how its going to develop (ie get worse or improve itself)

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My daughter is about to have both hips done but will not be in a spica. She is having the balls of hips lowered and reconstruction of left socket. Most children I know who have surgery of their hips seem to be fine but I persume you will have a pre-op assessment we saw consultant, doctor, play specialist and OT who answered all our questions regarding the op and recovering. It is still scary but my daughters mobility is getting worse and she is developing a curvature of the spine due to her hips getting worse and we dont want her to be in pain because her hips have rubbed so much they become arthritic. So we are having the op in June. Good Luck to you and your son

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