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Hi, my daughter is 6 over the years she has show some behaivour problems but lately she has got a lot worse she does not listen she hits me she lies most of the time and over exagerates a lots the hurts her self by scratching and pulling her own hair and pinching does any one elses little one have this as im so confused i already have ds diagnosed with sensory profile dysfunction and is waiting formal diagnosis for aspergus i feel like im doing something wrong Sad
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she also keeps saying she hates school but i have spoken the the school and every thing is ok there
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firstly you are not alone my daughter is 5 and here behaviour is out of control.
she hurts everyone, she hits,kicks,punches,spits she also lies saying my other children are picking on her.
she hurts herself by biting,scratching.pulling her hair.
she also has hyperactivity which seems to be made worser by certain foods.
ive had to remove all shape objects and kitchen knifes from my house because she told my oldest daughter she was going to stab her and chop her body into pieces (dont know where she came up with that)
she has so many things wrong but i cant get her diagnoised with anything because her school wont help me they say shes fine in school.
i felt the same way as you like i was doing something wrong.
my daughter is also continuously wanting attention which is hard work as i have four children. one is disabled,one may be disabled (hes under a nerologist) my daughter i speak of here has her problems then i have an older daughter who is fine and healthy
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As members will be aware we have Euan who has a very rare genetic condition and has over 12 medications a day along with all sorts of input from many doctors and teams.
But we also have our oldest daughter Emily who is 8 and ever since she could walk and talk we knew something was very diffrent about her in some sense.
Everybody who met Emily commented on her in some way and i remember when she was 3 years old she was chatting to a pensioner at a bus stop and they said "Shes a little old lady its like shes been here before" and this was because she was using such large words and was very very confident and also very loud and hyperactive.
In her first mainstream nursery setting the nursery had a educational phyc come in to perform an assesment and she raised some concerns about the ability to form friendships and commented on how Emily preffered adult company.
Growing up Emily was also very hardwork and she seemed to have no ability to take on board any real little instruction and would always try to find a way to defy us in some way or another.
Emily always has had a very tight bond with dancing... Smile
She would dance from morning to bed time and it wouldnt matter where or when and she would never be able to stop and still does this although is a little better at this now.
Along with the frustration in which Emily would simply come out with things that could be embarrsing.
Emily has a complete inability to think before she says anything and doesnt realise the consquences until afterwards.
Emily has NEVER had a real friend at anytime which is really sad to write but she does not have the ability to form any friendships as she seems to want to control the play situations or take over or she will upset someone with honesty.

Emily has always struggled in social situations in terms of being either
1)Over confident and this causes other children to pull away
2)Will tolerate nastiness from others as in her head its her way of someone showing her intrest at school.

We knew all along something was not quite right and when she was a little younger we thought maybe she had something like ADHD as she was just forever up and down and dancing etc and she was also put on ritalin by the doctors as our behaviour charting scores and the schools behaviour charting scores were the same so on paper in terms of a score us and the school were on the same length.
However the school never really seemed to accept there was an issue as they always said she was so clever and way ahead of her peer group and was doing really well.
But this never explained her sadness and her lack of friends or lack of party invites which Emily was very aware of.
Emily was very isolated and deep down very sad.
We knew something wasnt right.

The doctors who were seeing us at the time refered us to CAHMS and they have worked alot with Emily and also went into her school to perform an assesment of Emily within the school enviroment.
What we found was astounding.............

The school were telling us how happy she was etc.....

Whereas the truth was far diffrent.
Cahms had identified a little girl (Our emily) with a big social difficulty and commented on how its not so usually obvious in school but it really was very noticable.
Emily was being rejected by everybody and an example was given at dinner time in which Emily wanted to sit down with her dinner but everytime she went to sit somewhere people were actually saying no you cant sit there despite the fact the chair was empty.
In the playground Emily was argueing and floating around the outside of a group rather than be a part of it.

Our Cahms person had said it was time to make an urgent appointment with the school and get into this in more detail.
In the meeting the Senco and Emilys class teacher attended.
The senco is a lovely person and was very receptive to the Cahms input whereas the class teacher was dead against it and was saying but shes doing so well in lessons and her work is way above standard etc.
But was oblivious to Emilys major social problems.

Cahms and the senco worked together and come up with a few things and the school started to run some groups about social situations and self esteem groups etc all set up for Emilys benefit following input from cahms.
These have helped a small bit but even a small bit makes a major diffrence with Emily.
In terms of Emily never having any party invites etc...
Well since we have worked with Cahms and the school and got things moving within the past month Emily has had two birthday party invites and a sleep over invite.
And this is the person who has not had one invite really in around 3 years.
So the diffrence has been a big impact.
We still struggle and so does Emily and with Cahms involved it seems that the very orginal diagnosis of ADHD is very diffrent and the cahms adviser has talked to us and stated Emily has many charistics of aspergers and at the next appointment wants to talk about this in more detail and if this is the formal diagnosis its a long way from where we began and a major shock.

But wanted to share the story as it goes to show the school are not always right but sometimes they are simply not aware of issues so dont give up
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(Also must add i think this maybe the longest post)
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