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Hi, we have tried to get ABA for our little one but nobody in the area and we are south Wales!!! You might have better luck, I think I phoned peach and they were really helpful. Also Caudwell only cover a small part of the cost of doing ABA and getting people to work with your little one. Again maybe it will be different for you.
We do the SCD diet with our little one which I learnt about on a bio medical course.....It has helped her bowels etc a lot and I do think her speech improved too.
Regarding PECS try and find a course in your area, there are several different steps to follow with PECS and has to be done in the correct order, although the ST started with us and I followed on from there I did discover that I had done some things incorrect after being on the course!!!!!! On days things can be hard and very unpredictable with our little ones, I do hope you get some joy with the PECS. GOOD Luck
Things can be hard on occasions but well worth it!Heart

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