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Legoland Windsor


Address: Winkfield Road
Telephone: 0870 5040404

Admission price-

But we purchased a merlin annual disabled pass for Euan in which he is entitled to a free carer and this can be used by any person with him.
This cost around £128 but for a years unlimited admissions to legoland,Alton Towers,Sea Life,London eye along with many more offers excellent value for money.
Even without the annual pass remember that carers go free but to take qualifying proof of entitlement.

What was the venue like?
Well as soon as we arrived at the venue the parking was fantastic as we arrived at 12 noon and there was still parking spaces left Smile
There is a dedicated disabled parking area and a overflow disabled parking area which is very handy as its right next door to the entrance.
Upon arriving at the gates i must be honest the member of staff didnt seem to know the disability policy very well in two senses they were:

1)Insisting we take a major buggy through a standard turnstile well i informed him it would have to be cut out if we tried so i insisted on using another wheelchair turnstile system.
2)As we had pre-purchased our passes online he seemed a little bewildered that a free carer was included and needed to check with a senior member of staff.

Once through the turnstiles we had to go to the annual pass room to finalise the passes and provide proofs and this was a very tricky area if im honest.
The room is very tight and follows a single file queing system and this is very difficult to navigate when you have a major as it would be for a wheelchair and when it came to getting to the desk we were blocking the entire gangway with the major and this resulted in lots of knocks and bumps into the major so this area really needs rethinking and time taken to ensure that this part of the park is more disabled friendly.
The one saving grace of the annual pass room visit was we had a very good female member of staff who was very polite and ensured the passes were issued without fuss and also allowed us to get the fast pass from there rather than queing again and we just needed to show a diagnosis letter so dont forget this people.

Obviously the annual pass is not an issue for everyone so without the annual pass you bypass these issues but none the less worth a mention and this will be highlighted to legoland

What is your overall impression of the facilities?
Again upon arriving i felt relaxed as there was sufficent parking spaces and no big queing system to wait in and we were straight into the park without any real fuss.
The day was a enjoyable day and with the fast pass system it ensured that there were no big queing or melt downs to contend with.
My one piece of advice is to ensure that as a parent you use the train coming out of the park as its very hilly to push upwards and may present issues so be sure to get the train coming up to the exit.
The train has easy access.
The staff on the day were friendly and the park was very clean and not a wasp nest in sight so well done again legoland and although there were one or two little things i cannot fault the park and therefore would recommened Legoland for a family day out.

Full details of the disabled policy for Legoland can be found on

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whoop whoop, we're going next month! Smile
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Just got back from here, no wasps at all this year, probably due to a load of wasp traps which they certainly didnt have last year!
The new Atlantis ride is FAB, they have one of the submarines with a chair lift down into it, Matty had to sit on my knee as he couldnt sit unaided but it wasnt a problem (although a VERY narrow gap to squeeze your knees through if you're tall like my husband!). Lots of fishies and lego things to look at underwater, which he enjoyed very much, especially when he saw Nemo! Big Grin
We also went on the areo nomad ride (or whatever its called, I forget!) which has a wheelchair carriage, but the lady operating it obviously hasnt used it before - there was a ramp but she struggled to get it to balance properly and it felt a bit wobbly as we used it, despite her and my husband standing on either end. No matter though.
The only other issue was the pit stop racers thing - there is nothing to tell you what it actually is, so we queued up for it (couldn't see where you went with an exit pass!), all was fine till we went in the last room, and it involved sitting in a car. No one mentioned that to us as we went in, and by the time I'd got the chair next to it, and put the brakes on, the game had started so he didnt actually get to sit in the car.
But I LOVE this place, its got something for everyone! Roll on August!
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