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robbie had his redo fundiplacation operation on 22nd of april, and what a flipping nightmare, his first fundo had slipped up into his chest causing lots of pain and none stop throwing up, also he had a hernia, they said he was finished after 3hrs but they couldnt get him to breath after so he didnt get back from surgery for a further 3.5hrs total 6.5hrs felt like forever.they also took robbies intestines out as they were fusing together and needed separating. Then a week later back down to theatre to have his tube put into his bowel as his stomach not working, (suspected damage to vagus nerve) but they couldn't find the opening to bowel, so because by this time robbie had gone 13days with no food whats so ever they put a line into his main vain and started him on artificial feed stuff, with all you need to just about live on. This was to build robbie up for his next trip to theatre, and that was 11.05.11 wed, he went down at 14.00pm, this was to find out why is stomach wasn,t emptying and why they couldnt find opening to bowel, and to undo the fundo and wrap it in a different way and reposition his stomach, widen the entry to his bowel , reposition bowel move robbies peg and sew the old peg hole up, pluss god knows what else, But around 19.25pm surgeon came to us saying he was pleased with what they had done he found the stomach had stuck with leshions (can't spell, but you know what i mean) to the bottom of his liver causing a bend which stopped anything passing through, he said robbie wouldn't be long they were just stitching him up, 21.30pm i knew something was wrong and i knew it was his breathing, 22.15pm nurse rang to see were robbie was they said still in theatre, 23.30pm they rang for us to go to H.D.U then they said to go in this room as the doctor wanted to see us, omfg ive never felt so scarred in all my life, 2 doctors came, one from theatre other from I.C.U They closed the door and said to sit down, you cannot imagine what that felt like, they said robbie failed to start breathing after op so he was in i.c.u, his right lung had collapsed and things were not good, he had a machine breathing for him. Anyway that was yesterday , today he has been trying to take a few breaths but not good ones, tonight is the first night ive slept at home in 21 days and my two other Children are feeling it. Shane as stopped with robbie, buti will be back first thing. I have never felt so helpless, so scared and so flippin fed-up. Every time we try and help robbie to have a better life, it turns out a mess and we just feel all we have done is make his life more hell. ive decided that being a parent is to hard for me and iam not getting it right, at all. iam 39 and spend half my time friggin crying, i wish it would all for once just go right,
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Big hugs for you hunny,i'm sorry you and your lad have been through so much recently.i hope things turn around for you.xxxx
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Big hugs and i'm sure its so draining for you's all , really hope things start to shape up for you's soon . We all feel like we cant do this anymore but then we look at our special Children and it push's us on . Hope you were able to get some rest , thinking about you xx
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arh you poor thing, you must be beside yourself. we've had 2 spells in H.D.U with alfie with phuemonia. very scarey. i really feel for you, nothing can prepare you for seeing your child like that. just let the tears come, you will find a way to cope. lots and lots of hugs xxx
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