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iya my baby has had to go bck in hospital think he may have a virus couthing up blood through his traccy . they are also going to do a sleep study on him. what is that and what should i expect what will it show ? would be gratful if anyone can help thanks gemma x
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gems, robbie had a sleep study done a few years ago, they put probe things on him so they could measure things like his oxygen levels and that whilst he,s sleeping, as robbie was forgetting to breath sometimes. But guess what? he slept the whole night in i.c.u and he didnt do it once, little bugger but since then we have found that through the night his oxygen levels do dip and thats when he forgets to breath, it makes him wake up gasping in a panick, but they have never done owt for it, they just wont give us anything to help with is poor sleeping, as it would or could make oxygen levels drop more, see you later chick, give rio a big kiss from me.

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