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I have just registered to ask some advice regarding my son.

He is 12 years old and has CP last week (Wednesday) he had a bilateral hamstring lengthening, and to be honest we are really struggling with the after effects.

Myself and my wife both work full time, are there any services which we can for help from, things like helping him in and out of bed are proving to be difficult at best.

We have never really looked into what services are available and as such do not even know where to begin looking, the hospital seem to have washed their hands of post operative support.

we are having to rely on grandparents and siblings to help but this is not practical and Jack (my son) is beginning to become frustrated and depressed.

Thanks in advance for any comments


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You may have already tried this but if you speak to his physio they may be able to lend you a mobile hoist. I know when my daughter had her achilles heel lengthened we borrowed one from her physio. As for more long term support it maybe worth asking social services if they can offer any help. I hope he starts to feel better soon.


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