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Just had to comment on a general visit to the GP yesterday with my daughter. She is registered disabled with Prada-Willi Syndrome. Which has a huge list of health problems. I had taken her as she has had an on and off cough and sore throat for a few weeks...... she was given some medicine for that and then when I brought up the subject of her havibg this health problem she asked if it was a problem.......?
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Remind me of the day our son was diagnossed we went to the GP as we were desperate for answers and wanted him to chase some results.
He said he wouldnt and his words were what do you expect me to do about it.
I actually shouted at him that day and walked out.
I then spoke to the lovely receptionists and they made a few calls and called us at home to say the consultant had been calling us at home all WEEKEND!(We didnt answer withheld numbers then)
As he wanted to see us urgently!!!
Goes to show if we had accepted his stupid words we would of go home and not known!

Some doctors are so far up there own backside its beyond belief.........
Take it up with the practice manager and highlight your concerns.
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