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Hello,i am new to this forum,and have been enjoying all i read here,which i think are all very helpfull. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice my on any avalable grants or fund for parents with disable Children FOR EDUCATIONAL REASONS,
I am a full time carer to my 7yrs old daugther ,who has acute cerebral palsy with other complications as well as wheel chair bond,i am also on incapacity benefit due to server depression but getting better at d moment,as i was advie to stop work for d pass two yrs due to stress and stated treatment for depression.
Now i feel i am ready to go back to doing some thing for me,i have been unable to get work due to the fact that i have been out of work for about 2yrs,so i have desired to go to school,of which i have be given addmission into uni,but cant afford the fees,.I have just found out that the carers grant is only for carers of adult disabled ,which is so un fair as we are all carers and so the grant should be for all types of carers ,.
Please let me know if there is a type of grant for this reason..Thanks.

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