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do all children with aspergers have a high iq as my little boy is behind in school work etc and they think he has aspergers and quite a few people has to said to me about having a higher iq is that true??
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Hi, I was told on a ASD course that their IQ has to be average or above!!! With language/communication skills being average or above by the age of 6 yrs. X
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Hi no not all children with Aspergers have a high IQ , there has been talk lately of taking Aspergers off the spectrum as a lot people think that you have to have a high IQ to have Aspergers x
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Well I know having 2 son's with asberger's and ADHD that in general I high
IQ is associated with Aperger's and this is what a lot if doctors and Ocu[ational Therapist's
look far , but being on the Aperger's Spectrum these days is so Big i would consult your Doctor
thats where i started from both my 2 son's are about 1 to 2 years ahead at most things term wise.

I definatly would take this to a Doctor becasue the Spectrum is so big these days and growing being good at Maths is a good pointer to Aspergers struggling at english is one also. See you Doctor and good luck
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Just wanted to add that struggling with school work does not always mean that they have a low iq, i have aspergers, and i struggled with school work at times, but it was because i didnt ask if i got stuck on something and then that meant that i kept falling behind on the next bit and the next bit, as i didnt understand the first bit, if you get what i mean.

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