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Hi just wanted some advice,

i have a 4 year old with GDD he is still not talking or understanding the world around him but is walking. i am also expecting another child in september.

at the moment we rent a 2 bed flat privately however once baby comes we will be very cramped. my son has master room in house as he has a lot of sensory equipment.

does anyone know if we will be entitled to apply to council for 3 bed place as our room is to small for baby and i dont believe it will be safe or healthy the 2 to share as son has troubloe sleeping and needs constant supervision.

we are already on council list for 2 bed and on low priority but we have not advised them about special needs as yet as we are not sure it will make any difference.
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i would request a medical needs form from the council and on it you can put the reasons why you want a three bedroomed house along with the fact you would like to stay in one place rather than have a 2 bed now and have to move when baby is a bit older. it should get you further up the list, you could become high priority but it seems to depend on the councils just lately
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hi my son has gdd, im a council tenant in a 3 bed property, i have 3 children so my son shares with his younger brother which is a nightmare as he kicks his brother out of the room each night as he cant stand any noise and even the sound of breathing upsets him hes also behavioural so not easy when he gets upset, so my youngest ends up in my room until his brother sleeps, you may find your child will not cope with baby crys gurgles etc, i love my house where i am and its safe for my son but we cant have a extension as hes not physically disabled and can get upstairs, they really want to try moving him in a rage ! anyway i was only entitled to a 3 bed property on council list but my sons OT has written into council and im now entitled to a 4 bed property which is brilliant but like i said i would prefer extension as im not after a luxury home just a home to meet my childs and his siblings needs, get your medical letters in and hopefully your entitlement will go up, good luck x
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i had exactly the same problem when i was pregnant with my daughter, we filled out the medical needs forms and returned them with original copies of any reports that had been made for my son regarding what his needs were along with supprting letters from my gp, health visitor, sure start worker, school nurse and any other helpful agency that would give me a letter. we now have a 3 bed council house with a garden for my son.
in our area (hastings) we also have a support agency that will battle the council and chase them on your behalf called casa, it might be worth asking around to see if there is any such support in place where you are.
on the medical forms you need to treat them like dla forms, write about your childs needs on their worst days, what support they need, how many times they wake in the night, the effect a baby sharing a room is likely to cause.
the final thing is they may not upgrade your banding until the baby is born as they dont normally consider the need for rooms until baby is actually there which is a catch 22 in itself.

i hope this helps x
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Hi, depending on your council you may be able to apply for a 3 bed depending on supporting evidence etc but they will not take your baby into account until he or she is born and even then its likely to take a while before things are actually sorted out so you may have to come up with a short term plan for sleeping arrangements x

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