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hello i have posted on here before but i have child of 5 yrs and he has complex learning difficulties. last week my son was constipated on the satatrday he went to the toilet and tryed to have a poo but he said he had one and there wasnt anything in the toilet. but on thursday night he was on the toilet for 15minuites and i had to assist him to help him but he was so scared. the doctor has give us lacotives to help him. he went to his nanas on friday till sunday and she hasnt give him any of the medican. and now i dont know if he has bein for a poo. but he has said he hasnt had a poo at home. he wont take the medication as it tastes funny he said. i was wondering should i just give it to him just incase it happens again or leave it and keep a diary. he dosent go in school so when he gets home wil have to start it off but there is family histtory of my sons cousion was conspitaped and then has the runs now because it has just bulit up (sorry to sound like that ) i dont want to give it him if he dosent need it but he has only had one spoon full which i gave him on the day when he went to his nanas
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We've had constipation problems with Nicole for years, she was given lactulose and laxoberal. We've managed to adjust her diet which has helped alot, but on occasions she does get backed up, if she hasn't had a bowel movement in a couple of days i would give her some medication. But she is never on it full time like she was when she was younger (as she couldn't eat the food then), the medication and her reflux completely wrecked her teeth and i don't want to do this with her adult ones as well.

I found this, have a look and see if there's anything here that could help.

(i'm sure there are better sites but its the first one that i saw, lol)
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hi iam mum to alfie who suffers with constipation due to his hypotonia but iam also a pharmacy tech.what has your son been prescribed. laxatives such as lactulose usually take 2-3 doses to have thier full effect but it depends on how constipated he is. keepng a diary is a great idea, take into account things like what he's eating, drinking and how any problems he may have could be affecting him. he could be scared to go because he knows it hurts. we have to give alfie lactulose for about 3 days when he gets constipated and that's enough to regulate him for a few weeks. if your concerned or have anymore questions i recommend you go back to your gp and voice your concerns or you could go to your local pharmacy and ask to have a chat with the pharmacist for some advice and guidance.
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we could never get matt to take medicines so used to mix it in with a drink to make it taste a bit nicer, we were told at the time it was ok to do that as have had to do it with all medicines except calpol now (waits till he is 16 before he will take it off the spoon) will/can he drink fruit juice? this is a good one as its a strong taste itself so masks it
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