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Hey guys, I just bought one of these today for euan in the car and I was just wondering if any of you would find it useful? I think they're great! Its a yondi trunki comfy head hugger and travel chum, if you go to http://www.trunki.com you'll see them on there, I got ours from sainsburys. Its a head support but they do all different sizes and the great think is compared to normal travel neck supports, they have a magnet at the fron to hold it together in place. They start from baby size to 8 + and the colours are pretty funky too. Pinks, blue, green etc. They're a good teddy sort of thin aswell. Euan always sleeps in the car and his head hangs.

Let me know what u reckon Smile xx
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Oh they look great! I'll have to see if I can try one with Matthew Smile
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They look really nice and funky. I think we will have to get some before our next long car journey. Thanks.
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Brilliant, will give them a go
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They look great could even use them in the Major buggy :o)

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