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hello i was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice my soon to be 6 yr old boy and the other day i was watching him on the camara we have in his room and i saw him stood at the toy box and when i went him his room he had weed in the toy box and he had pooed on the floor he is potty trained but wears a nappy at night i dont understand why he has done it he dose do it from time to time anyone give me some advice thanks
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Hi i'm really not sure what would be the best advice to help you out , i havent dealt with it sorry . Has he been upset ? Not sure if this would have anything to do with it , hope someone who has been through same problem can help you out , even ask his teachers xxx
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are you sure he isnt being a typical boy and being lazy feeling he is having fun in his room and cant be bothered to go to the bathroom?? when matt was young we were waiting in the hospital waiting room and he was playing with some toy trucks we turned around to talk to the nurse and when we looked over he had peed into the back of the truck and seemed quite pleased with himself that he had got out of walking all the way to the bathroom (he knew it was only a couple of doors away as he had been staying there for 2 weeks)
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