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You need to let that Paed know that Hypermobility Syndrome can be something rather big actually! In many people it doesn't present any problems, however, for an unlucky few (such as my daughter) it can badly affect mobility and cause chronic pain, which can take years to get over with specialist physio and hydrotherapy, plus all sorts of pain meds for years! However, you don't mention that your daughter appears to be in pain from the way she is standing, so hopefully she won't be affected like my daughter, especially as hers was brought on by puberty+extreme growth spurt+period of non-weight bearing immobility all at the same time.

Good luck with the referral - it may be worth asking your Paed to refer you to a Rheumatologist as they have specialist knowledge about joint/bone conditions and I have found them far more helpful and parent-friendly.
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thats interesting mimi because my daughter will sometimes cry for no reason and rubb her legs.
its strange as i have spoken to a few people who have children the same as your daughter some whos children cannot walk far without needing a wheelchair.
I asked the physio about the difference between being hypermobile and hypermobility syndrome.
and she screwd her face up?

To be honest i am getting fed up as something is clearly hurting my daughter, and the drs do alot of writing in the notes and not much else.

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