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(05-05-2011, 09:06 PM)Ilovecake Wrote: Hi, that is fab news, good luck tomorrow I hope everything goes well. Keep us updated. X

thanx chick , will do xx
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Hey All,

Well here it is.......very dissapointing to say the least!!! Sad((

looks like the Local Authority had got to them before!!

it was me hubby and the headmaster and the deputy who is also the senco

they just sat there waiting for me to start , so i started by telling them about my boy how hes affected and how tired he gets and what impact that has on us ,

they were nodding and smiling , but never said a word!! she was noting down though

i said he will not be able to cope fulltime at all so therefore can we agree on him doing part time,

then the head said we cant agree on anything and said its best to wait till July when he has finished nursery and see how he has got on and then work it out from there.......and also they said see what the specialists say etc

i did then say well he will still be 4 years as it says in the booklet , and he nodded

and said he thiks its better to wait till July so they can have a better look at the situation!!!

and we have a big meeting on the 18th may ...so they were waiting wasnt they for this meeting where the LA can speak ...huh

what a waste of time!!

well im sticking to my guns and if they get funny i will just withdraw him and homeschool him??

what you all reckon ? im just about had enough of the LA gang at the meetings bullying us and dictating!! i just wish i was a mouthy kind of person sometimes .........huh i need a cuppa .....

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