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sorry this is just a gripe and get some frustration off my chest.

i was awarded some vouchers from the family fund and i used them to book a 3 day stay at golden sands in mablethorpe on the hevan site, i booked one of there top of the range vans due to them stating that pets are not allowed in that sort of vans, (past experiance have kept me away to many bite marks from fleas) any way. the van in question was at the farest point on the site oppisite two car parks (the web site states these vans are in prime postions) the carpet was mancky has hell with dirty black stains, the furniture was ripped, the ben sheet on the duble bed didn't cover the matterss. the dish washer was full of mucky dishes (yes a dishwasher told you it was top of the range!!) although the tv remote didn't work, no sugar bowl or hardly any cooking equipment. any way of course i complained and gave them reasonbale time to sort it out, they said no problem 24 hours later still the same. although we got a larger bed sheet, the man said the other had been washed too many times and had srunk!!!! so why put it on in the first place??? he told me it wasn't an hevan caravan but a private owners van who had sub letted it out to them. and there fore could have had pets in as private owners do not have to adere to the site laws with there own vans. we mention to the man about our two disabled girls that we got the caravan through the family fund. his reply was well thats ok then at least you got the van for nothing!!!! the cheecky git. now have to wait for the complaint going through going places as we booked through them as heaven refused to now talk to us. end of the day when your paying £409 for 3 nights stay you expect it to be dam clean regurdless who is paying
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I am so sorry to hear that, how unfair and awful customer services!!!

When you need a well deserved break and then have a very disappointing break that has probably caused more stress than before you went away!!

I do hope you get a good result from your complaint. Good Luck and keep us updated.
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Hiya, just read this to dan and he was outraged. He said he'll contact you tomoz and he'll take it up directly with them on your behalf (from the PODC branding) hell speak to you tomorrow to get more detail hun, disgraceful xx
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cheers lucy, got pgotos of the mucky carpets and ripped sofa aswell, if you go on hevan site and look at there platinum caravans it will give you all the info what we should of got but didn't ect....
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that is discusting, they didnt know if your Children were allergic to pet hair as you had asked for one that didnt allow pets so what were they doing putting you in a private caravan that obviously didnt adhere to your request. cant say i am a fan of haven but at least when i stayed it was with the sun vouchers so didnt complain hehe at the end of the day it wasnt a free holiday for you as you could have had day trip money instead. i would inform family fund of this as well as i dont really think that offering vouchers for such an unfeeling company who overcharge when they know u have vouchers (brother gets them most years and when i checked out price of his holiday he had overpaid by £200) and they should perhaps look into giving vouchers for a more friendly place
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