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your welcome, i know how hard it can be especially with older children, we have an 8 year old cameron and his friends are now starting to ask questions and it breaks my heart to hear him try and explain but he's a fantastic big brother. we were in the tesco with alfie in the trolly a few weeks ago and he sits in it cos can't sit comftably in the seat and i heard a woman say to her husband look at the age of that child sat in that trolly if that was me i'd make him get out and walk. ive gone past the point of getting angry but i thought if only you knew how much i'd love him to get of the trolly n walk too. it was nice to hear about sophie, hope you manage to find a balance between them
were all angels in waiting!!
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Aw people make me so angry! Good luck hun and i hope Alfie continues to improve. We are so blessed to have these wonderful children. Take care love and thanks xxxx

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