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Hi, my daughter to has GDD, she is 5 now but was diagnosed around 12 months, she too has very floppy muscles, so is very unsteady, and she has communication problems, although she does unserstand alot more than she can say. She too is a very happy, loving, smiley little girl who is an absolute pleasure to be around. She is now (touch wood) nice and healthy she did however need to be tube fed for a while when she was around 10 months as she just did not have any interest in eating,luckily that has changed tho, as she eats like a horse now! she is still very small and only in 18 to 24 month clothes, but she is in proportion height/weight which is all good. I do worry about her future especially as they do not know what caused it, but i just take every day as it comes, to me she is just my adorable baby girl, and she will do these things in her own time.
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Hi, my son too has just been diagnosed with GDD, i have found it very hard to find any information on this. My boy Bailey is nearly 5 and is a smiley, lovely boy but is no where near like other Children his age. I have always known that something wasn't right even from been a baby and now we know there is a problem there, explained or not. I have found it hard having to watch him around other Children as he doesn't get involved and it almost seems like he has no friends, however im starting to notice he is becoming a 'punch bag' for other children. He is being bullied alot by other Children and the hardest thing is he just lays there and lets them hit/kick him with no expression. I don't think he understands and i have stopped all the other children coming to play as its really upseting for me let alone what he is thinking. Does anyone have any advice please?
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hi, global development delay is a term used when children dont reach 2 or more development milestones hence a delay in thier development, it is a term on its own separate to any diagnosis a child may also have. on confirming a child has gdd there may not be an obvious reason for the gdd. the child maybe showing other characteristics that would point to a possible diagnosis but it could be too early to commit to a diagnosis until the child develops further.
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