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Hi I am very new to this and a little fragile but I need some urgent help and advice. My little boy who's now aged 6 and not so little anymore is absolutely gorgeous but is having quite a rough time at the moment. He has ASD and is quite low on the spectrum, he also has learning disabilities, on top of all this his dad left 3 weeks before Christmas, which he was ok about but the few occasions that he's seen him since have really upset his routine and have affected him physically.
On top of this he cant even play in our back garden as its completely unsafe, there are needles and wood chippings all over the grass from trees that have recently been chopped down, these also exposed a chainlink fence which he is constantly trying to climb over. There are other areas which are also unsecure and a banking which he could fall down onto an uneven wall.
My house is privately owned, I requested help from the council nearly 4 years ago and am still waiting. I have also requested an initial/core assessment from social services, now I just feel that now matter what words I use they will come up with some excuse why I shouldn't have one.
I wondered if there was a charity that helped with this sort of thing, or this will mean another summer spent indoors for my angel, how can that be right?
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My son doesn't have ASD, he has Cerebal Palsy. From this he needs the imput of a Occupational Therpaist. Friends of ours have a daughter with ASD, she has the same occupational therapist as my son.
He is my first point of contact when I have problems with our housing. He also does the same for my friends.
This leads me to think maybe you need a referal to the Occupational Therapy team in your area. I know my son's OT has claimed things through the Disabilities Facilities Grant for children with ASD who are putting themsleves in danger.
Talk to your sons doctor and get a referal, seems social services are really not helping you.
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Have a look at 'the act foundation' , their is another but I've completely forgot the name. It'll come to me in abit and ill post it! I'm also wondering if maybe cerebra would fund it? Will check their grant criteria xx
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I have a son (5) with ASD and can totally understand what concerns you have regarding his safety. I am just about to start the process of applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant to overhaul our garden and make it a safer place to play (along with a few things in the house too) I have put in for a referral to Social Services Occupational Therapist who will hopfully do an assesment of his needs. In my sons case it is his total lack of danger awarness and his ability to escape/run etc....plus as he is getting older he doesnt understand that he cant ride his bike out the front like the other Children Sad breaks my heart.
Anyhow, try giving Social Services a ring and see if they can give you any advice, point you in the right direction xXx
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hi All

i have tried this route and the council have just fobbed us off apparently ours said they dont do gardens !! so after searching , we applied to a local charity to our area , and also luckily my husbands old workplace had a charitable fund set up and they managed to help us ,
theres many charitys out there but unfortunatly they dont help with gardens ....family fund does help however ...so try them and try asking local groups like lions club rotary etc....solicitors they have trust funds .........good luck oh and you could always try wellchild they are a bunch of volunteers who can do the garden for you if your succesfull but they dont pay for the things have alook at their website .x

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