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Hello, I moved into this property in august 2009 and was told that they asked people before I moved in whether they wanted a driveway and the previous occupant refused.There is basically a driveway but theres a fence in the way and the kerb needs to be lowered, I was told I would be put on a waiting list and it could be 3years.
Well Ive been ringing up asking if I were getting anywhere and they are unable to give my any information.Recently there has been a road sign put up where the kerb would need to be lowered and I mentioned it to the maintenance man when he came to look at my garden and he said they would just have to dig it up and move it further down, but surely with all the money cuts they would have made sure that I wasnt on the waiting list for a driveway?? I feel its like wasting my time it wouldnt suprise me if i wasnt on any waiting list.
I live on a main road and have to transfer my son from the wheelchair to the car and Im hoping soon I can change the motability car to a wav but then I will need space either to the side or back depending on what I go for.The road is always so busy and sometimes can never park in front of my house which is frustrating!
Do you think I would get anywhere if I were to write to the council and what would I say?

any help appreciated!
shell x
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Hi there
When I applied to get a driveway done it went through the OT from Disabled Children's Services. If you haven't got an OT involved then it's probably worth asking them for an assessment, they can often recommend other things you might benefit from too and it might help it get done quicker. If you have to wait a long time for the work to be done and parking is a real issue then I'd ask the council for a 'disabled' parking bay outside the house.
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hi the council wouldnt do my drive or kerb either and i couldnt afford to do it myself so i asked my disability support worker for some help and she said they have funds put aside for things like this . they paid for a basic driveway and the drop kerb and didnt take very long at all. you may not have a disability support worker but maybe a social worker could help or failing that see if you have a local carers support office in your area.
hope you get it sorted soon.
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We are currently in the process of moving from 1 council house to another and a hardstanding is been done as part of the adaptations. Our council which is Leeds has its own adaptations team which you contact if you need assessing for things like wet rooms, stair lifts, grab rails and ramps / hardstandings. They send out their own OT and based on the report the work gets done pretty quick. I would think most councils have a similar system. Contact numbers are usually on the web site or from a council one stop if you have one.

Good luck
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i would phone the council up and ask what is happing about the driveway, also what about asking your gp/health vistor and ot to help

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