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I've just ordered this for my eldest daughter, I applied a while ago but my letter and card seemed to take longer than everyone elses to arrive!
I went for the samsung laptop from positive it solutions, as its the only place that offers a 2gb memory laptop within the grant amount. I liked the idea of the educational software, but this way I've got a more powerful laptop, and can buy educational software with the £20 I've saved.
She's going to be so excited to have her own laptop rather than trying to use mine all the time!
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Fantastic news Smile
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(01-13-2010, 10:03 PM)Daniel Wrote: This should benefit many members on here and let us know if you manage to get your free laptop

Home Access provides grants to low income families to buy computer and/or internet packages so they can learn safely, have fun and achieve more at school. Following the successful pilot, the Home Access programme is now available nationally across England.

One of the key innovations of the Home Access programme is the move away from a centralised procurement of computers to a model where families have a choice of equipment and suppliers.

Under the scheme, low-income families who meet set eligibility criteria can apply for a Home Access Grant to buy a computer and internet package from a range of approved suppliers.

The Home Access packages provided have been designed with a family’s needs in mind. They include one year’s service and support, pre-set parental controls to filter inappropriate content, installed office productivity suite, firewall and an anti-virus package.

They also include the award winning e-safety guide Know IT All for Parents, enhanced warranty and reinstatement service in the event of theft, and technical and educational guidance delivered with every package.

All computers come with a dedicated Home Access website set as the home page to help ensure families realise the benefits of Home Access.

Quick eligibility check
Have a look eligibility requirements below. You may be able to qualify for a Home Access grant if you:
• Answer yes to three questions in Section one
• Answer yes to at least one question in Section two

Section One:
Are you a parent or guardian responsible for and living with a child…..
…who is in school years 3 to 9?
…who attends a state-maintained school in England full time**?
…who has not already had a computer from a Home Access Grant or similar programme, such as Computers for Pupils?

Section Two:
Do you receive at least one of the following?
• Free school meals for your child***
• Income based Jobseeker’s Allowance
• Income support
• Child Tax Credit but not Working Tax Credit and an income of less than £16,040
• Guaranteed Pension Credit (not Savings Credit)
• Income-based Employment Support Allowance
• Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

Are you eligible?
If you are a parent and think you are eligible for a Home Access grant simply call the Home Access Grant Helpline on 0333 200 1004* to get an application form.


Notes for * symbols

** or whose place is paid for by their local authority or the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). Home-schooled children do not qualify. State-maintained schools include: primary schools, secondary schools, middle schools, special schools, academies, city technology colleges, pupil referral units. State-maintained schools do not include: independent (private) schools and places at non-maintained special schools not funded by a local authority.

*** Children receiving Free School Meals under the national rules may be eligible for a Home Access Grant; however, children receiving free school meals as part of the pilots in Durham, Newham and Wolverhampton will need to provide additional supporting documents.

hi i've tried to get a laptop and internet access for my son but when i phoned up the age range was from 7 yrs so wasn't eligable, has the age range changed?? thank regards claire
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that sounds about right....year 3 is 7/8 yr olds

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Just wanted to bump this thread with some news on the scheme:
The Home Access Programme will be coming to an end very soon, with only 12,000 more free home computer & internet access grants to allocate to low income families with a disabled child in Years 3 - 9. If your have or know a child who would benefit from this scheme - don't miss out apply as soon as possible
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