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hello i have a son who will be 6 in august. ever since he was lil he has always liked to play ruff and can get to ruff and hurt other people but he dosent know he is bein ruff. i have bein told about a thing called deep pressure massage and also if i roll my son in a blanket and really be ruff rolling him round he will get a sence of where he is. i tryed that last night and he found it funny but i was wondering if anyone has used the deep pressure massage as we tryed a sleep routine which was give him a bath should settle him but it dosent are paed has metioned sensory intergation disorder to me and the sleep practicner has mention that my son might be a sensory seeker so this might be ideal for him. he has hms so i dont want to be to ruff on him. he is just full of enery all day and bouncing off the walls and can get up in the night aswell so i have to watch him for his saftey as he wanders round the house. my son also has bein called a bully because he was bein to ruff so now school are more aware and to be honest dont think they pay attention to what i say. if anyone has any advice would be great about this massage as its somethin i wanna try with him as it soothes them better so they feel more grounded and know where they are space wise so they dont feel like they are flooting if anyone gets me x
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My son is 6 too with a diagnosis of Fragile X syndrome and ASD. We have had problems with Max grabbing the other Children at school and giving them a 'bear hug' but its generally around their necks! He does it alot at home too, giving me really tight hugs. The occupational therapist gave him a 'bear hug' jacket thing (which wraps tighly around him) to try at school, it helped for a little while at school, but made no difference at home. I think I might look into deep massage for him too. He loves to be pressed up close to people so it may help.
Hope it works if you try it Smile
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Hi i've to do deep pressure with my son . Its because they dont feel it like us , so to them it isnt sore at all . Is there a side your son would be funny with being touched ? I've to do deep pressure on his hands , arms , legs and hug before i work with him , he is only coming 3 years old and he still cant use his hands right . He also loves anything that vibrates on his skin and body brushing as well , i would use them to clam him down . Does your son have an OT ? They are the best to talk to about sensory issues
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