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Good advice above!
I'm sorry to hear of your troubles and the advice given is about right.
One thing though in some areas parent partnership are ok but they do often have a conflict of intrest as the council fund them and as such do sometimes offer advice which is the cheaper option and not the best option and I've never agreed that a conflict like this should be allowed to happen.
The best option I think maybe IPSEA who are an independent charity specialising in education law and if anyone can fight it they WILL.
I have every confidence in the quality of ipsea and know they will act In your childs intrest so please do contact them and don't worry they work in the holidays.
Please contact them and let us know how you get on.

Welcome to the forum also Smile
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(04-19-2011, 08:50 PM)leamum Wrote: Had been told that she was guaranteed placement because of statement...apparently they have cut government funding for special needs ed in our area so are spreading the funding around the schools, they have placed her in the school in my town but its crap, amellee is the only special needs child going into reception n the only one in the whole school so there fore i feel she has been put there to " spread the funding"...i am so angry 4 special needs children in my area have been refused mainstream school placement and 1 of our main special needs school that specialises in autisum is being closed...equal rights my ass !!! sorry im ranting on a bit lol x x x

They are just trying to fob you off with this bit about 'spreading the funding!' SEN money comes from 3 sources, the first is the Notional SEN budget which comes directly from the school's own budget as they are expected to spend a certain % of their budget on SEN & this is often used for provision for children with SEN whose needs don't warrant a Statement but are on School Action or School Action plus stages. The next source is Mainstream Additional Funding which here is the pot for children with low level Statements that do not attract additional funds, this is allocated by the LEA and distributed to all the schools according to a formula that makes it too complicated to understand. This could be the bit they are referring to as being 'spread round' all the schools. But that is not really relevant to your situation as the bulk of money for a child with a high level Statement comes from what is known here as Matrix funding, this is a set amount per 'unit' identified on the Statement and that money is attached to the child so if the child moves schools then their money goes with them! So it's nothing to do with funding as your child's Statement means her money goes where she goes, it just sounds like a good excuse to fob you off with.
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thanks to everybody for there advice, i was told by the head of the school that she would have definate placement so not to worry she also suggested if i didnt apply for other schools this would help, seems like the woman is bare faced liar as i finally got hold of them and she claims she never meant it like that !!!! luckily for me i had recorded meeting ( u know what its like at a JAT review dont always hear everything) and as there were 8 other proffessionals at meeting they also heard her repeatedly say Amellee had placement......anyway by the by i shall be contacting the people u have all suggested and will fight my ass off to get her in that schooleven if i have to sit there everyday with her and protest lol....gone past upset now and have moved up to psycho angry stubborn mum .....thanks again all of u for ure support and advice x x
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I volunteer with my local parent partnership service, and do agree with what Daniel says in some areas they do not work to minimum standards i.e. being an arms length service with no involvement by the LA, luckily mine does and we have no involvement with LA unless fighting for parents.
That aside a statement should over ride all other applicants to a school, unless the school is unsuitable (not able to make reasonable adjustments to meet your childs needs) or placing you child there would cause harm to your child or the other child. This is quoted in the SEN code of practice 2001. I would defiantly query the decision with the sen dept in your LA, sound very dodgy to me. SEN budgets should not affect a childs provision in regards to a statement, this has been set in case law. I would get in touch with both your local parent partnership and IPSEA as it sounds to me like your local LA is going against legislation and this can be taken to tribunal as the reason they have given is not a valid reason not to place your child at the school you have requested under law. If you need any other advice please ask, good luck in you fight.
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Good luck with this, I hope you will fight and get her in the school she needs. Keep us updated. X
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